1. Can I order from the bakery and cafe at the same time? 
A - Unfortunately we’re unable to combine order from the bakery and the cafe into one checkout.

2. Does this mean I have to pay two delivery fees if I order from both the cafe and bakery?
A - Not necessarily! If we have the breads on hand at the time you place your order for the cafe and the bakery, we will be able to deliver them together! Simply select “pick up” as your method of delivery at checkout and in the notes section, kindly indicate that you have placed a food order and would like them to be delivered at the same time. This way, you only pay one delivery charge for both your orders! 

3. Is my bakery order for same-day delivery? 
A - Possibly! If you order during bakery business hours (Monday to Friday 6:00 AM to 5:30 PM) and we have stock of the items you ordered, you can get your items that same day! If you order after business hours and we don't currently have stock of the items, it will be scheduled for delivery the next business day. 
Either way, you will receive a text message from us confirming your order and the date of delivery. 

4. Is my cafe order for same-day delivery? 
A - Yes! If you order during cafe business hours (Monday to Sunday 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM) we will do our best to deliver your food within 1-1.5 hours. This is standard unless you specify in the notes section the date and time you would like us to deliver your food. 

5. Where else can I pick up my bread order? 
A - On checkout after selecting “pick up” as your method of delivery, kindly indicate in the notes section what location you would like to pick up your items from. We are able to arrange for pick up at: JiPan Estancia at Capitol Commons, JiPan Glorietta, and at our commissary store 220 Pilar. Please note that if you don’t leave a note, the default pick up location is 220 Pilar, Mandaluyong. 

6. I’ve bought a Loyalty Card, now what? 
A - Thank you for becoming a member of our loyalty program, you’ve unlocked a number of coupons and instant 5% cashback as points for all of your purchases!

When you receive the card in your delivery, log on to our website and register as a customer. We will then manually add you into our database and you will be receiving an email with the coupon codes you can use on your purchases. In order to use your points or have your next purchases be credited, please click on the floating loyalty card widget and input your number before proceeding with your order.

7. How long do the breads last? 
A - All our products are chemical and preservative free! We recommend that you keep them in the fridge for up to 7 days, or in the freezer for up to 3 weeks. If your kitchen is relatively cool, they will be okay in room temp for about 2 days after delivery. Your frozen breads can be popped directly into the toaster oven and will still toast up perfectly! 

8. Why can't I order only one piece of some pastries? 
A - We rotate our selection of readily available pastries on a bi-weekly basis which is why there are times that some items are marked "out of stock". In order to give you the best selection that we can, we decided to make all our pastries available to you, however, those that are not in the current rotation have a minimum order quantity since we will be making a special batch just for your order. 

9. Do you accept bulk orders? 
A - Yes we do! Please call us at (0945) 997-1246 for more information.